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chemistry test for 10 class students

Self Evaluating Test It is hard to beat a person who never gives up. (Babe Ruth) I fear no one but respect every one. Total time:1hour.Total No: 61Passing No: 65% The test is of 5th and 6th chapter chemistry (biochemistry and atmosphere). First section OBJECTIVE (a): fill in the blanks. (10) The word protein has been taken fromword                . Usually the general formula of monosaccharide is . The molecular formula of sucrose is . Lactose --------- + . The monosaccharide with the lowest number of carbon atom is . Lanolin is              . The %age of nitrogen in air is approximately                 . (b): mention T and F for true and false statements, respectively. Glucose is a keto sugar. RNA is genetic material of human. Vitamins are proteins. Answer the following short questions. (39) What is biochemistry? Draw the molecular structure of glucose? What is carbohydrate? What is peptide bond? What are essential and nonessential amino acids? Draw the general structure of ami…

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chemistry test for 10 class

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